Pine Hollow Road Complete Streets Feasibility Study

Project background

The City of Concord, jointly with the City of Clayton, was awarded a Caltrans Sustainable Transportation Planning Grant to conduct a Complete Streets Feasibility Study along Pine Hollow Road. This project was identified as a recommended project in the city’s 2016 Bicycle, Pedestrian and Safe Routes to Transit Plan. 

The study corridor is a 2.2-mile segment of Pine Hollow Road/Alberta Way from Clayton Valley Charter High School to Mount Diablo Elementary School. The corridor serves as an important connection between schools, parks, as well as residential and recreation areas within the cities of Concord and Clayton. Pine Hollow Road also experiences significant truck traffic as it serves as an access route for two quarries located in the unincorporated County directly south of the roadway.

On March 9, 2021, the City Council approved a Task Order with Kimley-Horn to perform the feasibility study.

The study will identify, evaluate, and recommend a package of multimodal and operational strategies to enhance bicycle and pedestrian safety and circulation, residential and school access, access to transit, and trail connectivity for all users.  

The study will be grounded in a robust public engagement process.  Other key elements of the study include detailed existing conditions review and transportation technical analysis to develop design alternatives that incorporate Complete Streets elements. The study period is summer 2021 to fall 2022.

 Map 782_620

Potential Improvement Options

Based on feedback received from the community in summer 2021, input from the Advisory Group, and technical analysis of the corridor, a set of potential improvements to create a safer and more comfortable corridor for pedestrians, bicyclists, transit riders, and motorists has been identified. The potential improvement options can be viewed here. Preview:

Pine Hollow Potential Improvements Preview

These improvement options were shared with the community in winter 2021. Based on community input, a set of preferred improvements will be identified as the next step. These will be shared with the community in spring 2022.

Project timeline

The overall study is expected to take 18 months to complete as illustrated here:

Stakeholder engagement

Advisory Group:

An advisory group has been formed to guide this study, and is comprised of key stakeholders including representatives from each of the five schools within the study area, staff from the Cities of Concord and Clayton, County Connection and Bike Concord.


An online survey with an interactive map and a questionnaire was released in July 2021 for a 3-week period. It sought input from the local community and other users of the road in terms of issues, concerns or suggestions for improvements. It received robust response, which is being used to develop the potential improvement concepts.


Based on the existing conditions data and feedback received from the public outreach over summer 2021, the study team has developed potential improvement concepts, which were shared with the community in fall 2021 in various engagements: 

  • On Monday, November 15th, a virtual community workshop was held to review improvements being considered for Pine Hollow Road/Alberta Way. 
  • The project team held three pop-events at local schools along the corridor. All pop-ups were on Nov 19th at the three schools along the Pine Hollow Road. Please click here see the information shared at the pop-ups.
  • An online survey was released on November 15 through December 10 to seek comments on the potential improvement options.

Coming soon - spring 2022 community workshops

To share the set of preferred improvements developed for the corridor.

Study resources

For questions related to this Study, please email

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