Policies & Procedures


It is the City's policy to obtain competitive bids or quotations wherever possible. Phone quotations are solicited when practical. Requests for quotations are issued when written bids are requested. They are due in the purchasing office on the date and time specified on the request for quotation. Late bids are not accepted. Your presence at the bid opening is not necessary, although you are welcome to attend. Purchases over $10,000 must be bid.

Bid Lists

We do not maintain a bidders list. To participate in a bid and/or receive email bid notifications, you must register online at no charge. Please go to the Vendor Registration section. Click here to register.

CC Bids

Bids approved by the City Council are opened by the City Clerk's office. Bid openings are public and anyone may attend. Sealed bids must be submitted to the City Clerk's office before the bid opening date and time. Late bids are not accepted. In most cases these bids require the submittal of a 10% bid bond or a Cashier's check submitted in lieu of the bond. Bid envelopes should identify the bidder including address, the name of the bid, project or inquiry number and date and time of bid. Results of the bid opening are available by calling the City Clerk's office at (925) 671-3295. Municipal Code, Article II, Chapter 3, Section 1 gives a more detailed description of the City's purchasing policy.

View City's Municipal Code.

Bid Results

After the bid opening, results and awards are a matter of public record. An abstract of written bids showing prices and awards is available for your inspection in the City Clerk's Office.

Sales Calls

The Purchasing Division should be your primary point of contact with the City. Make your investment in your sales promotion wisely. Expending considerable time and money in a presentation does not guarantee a sale. Remember that the purchase will be made by competitive bid. Department prepared specifications are reviewed to ensure unrestricted competition. The purchase will be made from the lowest responsible bidder meeting objective specifications. The help your firm offers the department in developing their purchase request cannot be considered when we make the purchase. We recommend that if you are asked to provide extensive prepurchase services, that (1) you consider contracting separately with the department for this service, and (2) that you ask the department you assisted to list you as a "suggested vendor'' so we can send you a bid invitation


Delivery in almost all cases will be made FOB destination. COD deliveries cannot be accepted. The City cannot pay in advance for any merchandise or service.


Requirements are specified on all bids and purchase orders. If special services, such as fork lifts, etc. are required, arrangements should be made with the Purchasing Division prior to delivery.


Your shipment will be inspected upon delivery as to condition, quantity and conformity to specification.


Our purchase order number must appear on all documents relative to the order. An original invoice must be submitted for payment. Accounts payable is unable to pay on statements.


Payment is made to the vendor after receipt of invoice and delivery of all materials or services covered by the purchase order. The accounts payable section of the Finance Department will process payment. Using departments are not responsible for money paid to vendors.

Gifts and Gratuities

This department maintains a strict policy prohibiting the acceptance by its employees of gifts and/or gratuities from any supplier or potential supplier.

Local Vendors

It is the City's Vendor Purchasing Policy to encourage the purchase of supplies, services and equipment from vendors located within the boundaries of the City of Concord. We seek to involve local vendors to the maximum extent possible, complying with appropriate codes, laws and prudent purchasing practices. Prices obtained from Concord vendors will be adjusted by the sales tax to be received by the City, when compared against non-local vendor pricing.

Purchasing Practice

  1. To regard Public Service as a sacred trust, giving primary consideration to the interests of the governmental unit by whom we are employed.
  2. To purchase the best value obtainable securing the maximum benefit for each tax dollar expended.
  3. To avoid sharp practices, giving all qualified vendors an equal opportunity.
  4. To respect our obligations and to require that obligations to us and our governmental unit be respected.
  5. To accord vendor representatives the same treatment we would like to receive, remembering that they are important sources of information and assistance in our buying problems.
  6. To strive constantly for greater knowledge of purchasing methods and of the materials we buy.
  7. To be receptive to counsel from our colleagues and to cooperate with them to promote a spirit of unity.
  8. To conduct ourselves with fairness and dignity and to demand honesty and truth in buying and selling.
  9. To cooperate with all organizations and individuals engaged in enhancing the development and standing of the purchasing profession.
  10. To remember that everything we do reflects on the entire purchasing profession, and to govern our every action accordingly.

We know that we can help you in selling by:

  • Directing your attention to our present and future needs.
  • Consolidating our requirements.
  • Arranging for demonstrations before the proper people.
  • Generally, aiding in obtaining for you the greatest yield for your time and effort.

We hope you will help us in buying by:

  • Keeping us informed concerning new items and trends.
  • Remembering that contractual commitments may only be made by Purchasing personnel.
  • Checking with us before leaving demonstration or loaner equipment or supplies with departments.
  • Aiding us in obtaining the greatest yield for our time, effort and the taxpayer's dollars.


  • National Association of Purchasing Management, Inc.
  • California Association of Public Purchasing Officers, Inc.
  • National Institute of Governmental Purchasing, Inc.
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