Business Watch

What Is Business Watch?

Business WatchBusiness Watch is a shared responsibility and connection between the police and community. The goal is to make Concord a safer, more livable city through crime prevention and problem solving strategies. As part of the Concord's Community Policing, it involves:

  • Business neighbors getting to know each other and work together.
  • Implementing crime prevention strategies in businesses and neighborhoods.
  • Solve problems in your business community through a partnership with the police department.
  • Learn about other agencies as resources in solving problems in your business community.

How Do I Get Involved?

If you know your surrounding business neighbors have an active Business Watch and Problem Solving group already formed - join it!

If there is no such group, become a leader in your community and start one! Simply call the Community Action and Awareness Line at 671-3237 to schedule a meeting.

What Happens In A Meeting?

Usually a meeting consists of 5 - 10 business neighbors. A typical meeting lasts about two hours. They can be scheduled for any time of the day or evening - it's up to you.

A police officer will attend and talk about crime prevention and problem solving strategies that you and your business neighbors might use in your area of the community. Crime prevention brochures and problem solving resource materials are also handed out at the meeting. You and your business neighbors can then hold future meetings when you feel it is necessary; usually it's every couple of months. A police officer can attend future meetings if you desire, or it can be only the business owners.

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For more information, contact Economic Development at 925-671-3355

John Montagh, Economic Development & Housing Manager
Robert Ramirez, Economic Development Specialist

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