Community Services Commission Agendas

Topics Covered:: The Community Services Commission identifies housing, neighborhood and social services needs within the community. The commission reviews funding requests, and advises the City Council on the allocation of Child Care Developer Fees and Federal Community Development Block Grant monies. A subcommittee of the Commission reviews funding requests and advises the City Council on the allocation of Concord/Pleasant Hill Health Care District (CPHHCD) funds.

Divider LineGeneral Information: Agenda Process
Most meetings are held in the Garden Conference Room. 1950 Parkside Drive, Concord CA

4/23/2014 Concord/Pleasant Hill Health Care District
4/17/2014 Concord/Pleasant Hill Health Care District
4/15/2014 Special Meeting
4/1/2014 Concord/Pleasant Hill Health Care District
3/26/2014 Concord/Pleasant Hill Health Care District -- Canceled
3/18/2014 Concord/Pleasant Hill Health Care District
3/12/2014  -- Canceled
2/12/2014  -- Canceled
2/10/2014 CPHCD Funding Meeting
1/15/2014 Concord/Pleasant Hill Health Care District
1/8/2014  -- Canceled

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