City Council Committees

There are currently five standing City Council Committees, each of which is made up of two Councilmembers. The committees meet monthly to review issues such as those shown below. The committees then make recommendations to the City Council for action on items they have considered.

The Mayor makes new committee assignments following the reorganization of the City Council at the end of the calendar year. Committee members serve one-year terms. Committee agendas are available on the City's Web site. For more information, call (925) 671-3495.

Committee Chair/Member Meeting Time
Housing & Economic Development Leone/Helix 4th Monday, 5:30 pm, Garden Conference Rom
Infrastructure & Franchise Helix/Hoffmeister 2nd Thursday, 5:30 pm, Garden Conference Rom
Policy Development & Internal Operations Grayson/Leone 2nd Monday, 5:30 pm, Garden Conference Rom
Recreation, Cultural Affairs and Community Services Birsan/Grayson 4th Thursday, 5:30 pm, City Manager's Conference Room
Youth and Education Hoffmeiste/Birsan 3rd Monday, 5:30 pm, Garden Conference Rom

External Appointments Member/Alternate
Association of Bay Area Governments General Assembly (ABAG) Grayson/Helix
Central Contra Costa Transit Authority (CCCTA) Hoffmeister/Birsan
Central County Literacy Coalition Birsan/Hoffmeister
Citizen Core Emergency Response Team Helix/Grayson
League of California Cities (East Bay Division) Leone/Grayson
Transportation Partnership and Cooperation Regional Committee (TRANSPAC) Leone/Helix

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