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City of Concord California


Tuesday, May 5, 2015
7:00 p.m.
City Council Chamber
1950 Parkside Drive, Concord, CA



PLEDGE TO THE FLAG - Councilmember Birsan


    1. Presentation - in recognition of Michael Alley for completion of 35 years of dedicated service as an employee of the City of Concord. Introduction by Mayor Grayson.
    2. Presentation - proclaiming May 9, 2015, as "Waterworld Day" in the City of Concord and commemorating Waterworld's 20th Anniversary. Introduction by Mayor Grayson.
    3. Presentation - to Jay Bedecarre, Bay Area Festivals, Inc., proclaiming May 23-25, 2015, as "Bay Area KidFest Days" in the City of Concord and commemorating KidFest's 25th Anniversary. Introduction by Mayor Grayson.
    4. Presentation - to Natalie Bonnewit, Jennifer Donlin, and Amy Bailey, Mercy Housing, proclaiming May 8 - May 17, 2015, as "Affordable Housing Week" in the City of Concord. Introduction by Mayor Grayson.
    5. Presentation - to the City Clerk staff proclaiming the week of May 3-9, 2015, as "City Clerks' Week" in the City of Concord. Introduction by Mayor Grayson


    1. Approving - the minutes from the meeting of March 28, 2015. (No Fiscal Impact) Recommended by the City Clerk.
    2. Matter to set for public hearing - on Tuesday, June 2, 2015, at 6:30 p.m. in the City Council Chamber to consider an amendment to the Concord Municipal Code, Chapter 13.05, Sewer System, Section 13.05.02, Rates and Charges Established, Paragraph (c), increasing the minimum annual Sewer Service Charges to $452 for Fiscal Year 2015-16, $502, for Fiscal Year 2016-17, $547 for Fiscal Year 2017-18, and $592 for Fiscal Year 2018-19 and increasing other corresponding charges as stated in Paragraph (c). Recommended by the Director of Public Works.
    3. Approving - a contract and lease agreement with Pixieland Amusement, Inc., the amusement ride concessionaire located at 2750 E. Olivera Road (a portion of APN 111-010-015), and authorizing the City Manager to execute the agreement. Recommended by the Director of Parks and Recreation.
    4. Accepting - public improvements for Tract 9324, Olive Drive No. 1 Subdivision, and releasing the obligation of the bonds posted with the Subdivision Agreement. Resolution No. 15-21 for adoption. Recommended by the Director of Community and Economic Development.
    1. Receiving - a report on the findings of the Park Condition Assessment Project. Report by Director of Public Works Justin Ezell.

      Staff Recommendation: Hear the report, take public testimony, receive the report, and provide direction to staff.
  5. CORRESPONDENCE - City Council correspondence not selectively included in the following list is available for inspection during normal business hours by contacting the City Clerk at 671-3390.

NEXT REGULAR CITY COUNCIL MEETING: 6:30 p.m., Tuesday, May 12, 2015..

Notice to Public

There is a 90-day limit for the filing of a challenge in the Superior Court to certain City administrative decisions and orders which require a hearing by law, the receipt of evidence, and the exercise of discretion. The 90-day limit begins on the date the decision is final (Code of Civil Procedure Section 1094.6). Further, if you challenge an action taken by the City Council in court, you may be limited, by California law, including but not limited to Government Code Section 65009, to raising only those issues you or someone else raised in the public hearing, or in written correspondence delivered to the City Council prior to or at the public hearing. The City Council may be requested to reconsider a decision if the request is made prior to the next City Council meeting, regardless of whether it is a regular or special meeting (Policy and Procedure No. 2, Section 4.24). For information on the next regular or special City Council meeting, please call (925) 671-3495

Agenda Reports: Agenda reports are available for public viewing in a binder on the front staff desk.

Public Comment Period: This is a fifteen-minute Public Comment Periodfor items not on this agenda, and each speaker will be limited to approximately three minutes. State law prohibits the City Council from acting at this meeting on any matter raised during the Public Comment Period.

Agendized Items – The public is entitled to address the City Council on items appearing on the agenda before or during the City Council’s consideration of that item. Each speaker will be limited to approximately three minutes.

Speaker's Card: Members of the audience who wish to address the City Council are requested to complete a Speaker’s Card available at the podium and in the Chamber foyer. Submit the completed card to the City Clerk before the item is called, preferably before the meeting begins.

Consent Calendar: Adoption of the Consent Calendar may be made by one motion of the City Council, provided that any Councilmember, individual or organization may request removal of an item from the Consent Calendar for separate consideration. If a request for removal of an item from the Consent Calendar has been received, the Mayor may defer action on the particular item and place the same on the regular agenda for consideration in any order s/he deems appropriate.

Public Hearings: Persons who wish to speak on Public Hearings listed on the agenda will be heard when the public hearing is opened, except on public hearing items previously heard and closed to public comment. After the public has commented, the item is closed to further public comment and brought to the Council/Agency level for discussion and action. Further comment from the audience will not be received unless requested by the Council/Agency. No public hearing shall commence after 10 p.m. unless approved by majority vote of the City Council.

ADA Notice and Hearing Impaired Provisions: The Council Chamber is equipped with Easy Listener Sound Amplifier units for use by the hearing impaired. The units operate in conjunction with the Chamber's sound system. You may request the Easy Listener Phonic Ear Personal Sound Amplifier from the City Clerk for personal use during Council meetings.

In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and California Law, it is the policy of the City of Concord to offer its public programs, services and meetings in a manner that is readily accessible to everyone, including those with disabilities. If you are disabled and require a copy of a public hearing notice, or an agenda and/or agenda packet in an appropriate alternative format; or if you require other accommodation, please contact the ADA Coordinator at (925) 671-3170, at least five days in advance of the hearing. Advance notification within this guideline will enable the City to make reasonable arrangements to ensure accessibility.

The following is a list of regular Council Committee meeting dates. Most meetings are held in the Garden Conference Room, 1950 Parkside Drive, Concord. NOTE: Meetings are subject to change or cancellation. For latest information and committee agendas please call 671-3158.

Correspondence received that constitutes a public record under the Public Records Act concerning any matter on this agenda is available for inspection during normal business hours by contacting the City Clerk's office at 1950 Parkside Drive, Wing A, Concord, CA.

Meeting Records: DVDs of most City Council meetings are available for listening or viewing in the City Clerk's office and at the Concord Public Library. Copies of the DVDs may be purchased. Contact the Community Relations Manager at (925) 671-3272 for further information.

Televised Meetings: All meetings are broadcast live on Comcast channel 28, Astound Broadband channel 29, and AT&T U-Verse channel 99. The meeting is replayed on the Wednesday following the meeting at 8:00 a.m., 2:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. Replays are also broadcast on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Please check the City website,


Committee Chair/Member Meeting Time
Housing and Economic Development Helix/Leone 4th Monday, 5:30 pm, Garden Conference Room
Infrastructure and Franchise Hoffmeister/Birsan 2nd Monday, 5:30 pm, Garden Conference Room
Policy Development and Internal Operations Grayson/Hoffmeister 2nd Thursday, 5:30 pm, Garden Conference Room
Recreation, Cultural Affairs and Community Services Helix/Grayson 4th Thursday, 5:30 pm, City Manager's Conference Room
Youth and Education Leone/Birsan 3rd Monday, 5:30 pm, Garden Conference Room
City of Concord CA