City Management Department


Department Mission

To direct the efficient and effective delivery of services through City Council Services; the City Manager's Office; City Clerk's Office; Records Management, Mail and Reception Services; Printing Services; Community Relations and Franchise Management.

City Council Services

Establish policies and ensure the City's long term financial stability for provision of effective and efficient public services so that Concord is recognized as a community of the highest quality in which to live and do business.

City Manager's Office

Support and implement City Council policies to make Concord a City of the highest quality, and oversee the effective and efficient delivery of services. Schedule and prepare Council Committee agendas and related documentation.

City Clerk's Office

Provide public information; maintain the public record to comply with municipal, state, and federal laws; conduct municipal elections and ensure candidate campaign filings and election processes are completed on schedule and as prescribed by state and local laws; prepare City Council agendas and related documentation; conduct public notification procedures and legal publications in compliance with applicable laws; and administer the Boards & Commissions process for the City Council.

  • City Clerk's office
    (925) 671-3495

Records Management, Mail and Reception Services

Provide effective administrative and support services to City operating departments by providing central reception, mail services, records management, forms management, and document processing for City Council-related and other City actions.

Franchise Management

Negotiate and manage franchises so that services to Concord's 42,000 cable television and 28,000 solid waste/recycling franchise customers are delivered at the lowest cost with an appropriate range of service type and quality in compliance with local, state, and federal laws and regulations. Franchise Management shall facilitate the lowest possible electrical and natural gas rates to residences, businesses, and industries located in Concord.

Community Relations

Conduct public affairs program including public and internal communications and community and media relations. Produce City News, other major publications, video productions, and cable programming. Manage the City's Internet sites and electronic services.

Printing Services

Provide graphic design, printing, high-speed copying and bindery services, user consultation for composition and materials, and brokering services for outsourced printing.

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