Department Mission

The Finance Department is committed to maintaining high quality accounting standards, to safeguarding City's assets, to providing financial information in a timely manner, and to providing positive customer service to both external and internal customers.  We take pride in our work and are accountable and trusted to carry out our responsibilities with honesty and integrity.

Financial Analysis and Operations

Provide fiscal management, financial reporting and internal controls that safeguard the City's assets. Manage City funds, debt and grants. Perform fiscal and budgetary analysis. Prepare and update the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR), cost allocation plan, revenues and expenditures report, property insurance and special projects, meeting the standard of the auditors, the City Council and Federal and State regulations. Administer accounts payable, payroll and benefit reporting.

Revenue Generation

Collect and process the revenues of the City including the Business License program.

Budget & Financial Planning

To provide and administer a City budget and ten-year financial planning document.
  • Current City Budget

Miscellaneous Payments

Maintain and expense financial payments which do not effect Finance & Management Services Programs.

City Treasury

Manage the City's portfolio by meeting the California Government code and the City's adopted investment policy so that sufficient investment liquidity and anticipated revenue are available to meet projected estimated expenditures. Process returned checks and receivables in an expedient manner so that a greater percentage of funds are collected. Maintain assessment and bond districts according to California law by following proper accounting procedures.

Purchasing and Materials Management

Provide high quality procurement standards and practices. We strive to process procurements in a timely and efficient manner and ensure that products and services are delivered when required at the most reasonable price. We give primary consideration to the best interests of the City of Concord. Our goal is to obtain the best value for the City, attain the maximum value for each tax dollar while meeting the needs of City departments, and giving all qualified vendors a fair opportunity.

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