Human Resources

Departmental Mission Statement

HR Office BuildingThe Human Resources Department supports the City of Concord by providing comprehensive and timely human resources services. We have the responsibility for developing and implementing innovative strategies and programs. Our goal is to attract, develop, motivate and retain the best qualified employees whose diversity and skills contribute to and sustain the City as a quality organization. We look forward to every opportunity to interact with our customer, both internal and external, providing quality customer service for all.

The Department provides full-service human resources to the City's workforce including:

Labor Relations

Provide administration of City labor relations programs that result in enhanced job performance, employee development and positive labor relations.

Recruitment and Selection

Provide recruitment and selection services that attract and retain highly qualified, service-oriented employees.

Training and Development

Provide City-wide employee and management training programs and administer educational services.


Establish and maintain a City-wide system of position control and identification of job duties. Administration of the City's pay and performance evaluation plans, including Pay-for-Performance. Manage the Human Resources information system.


Development and administration of City-wide programs and training.

Employee Benefits

Provide the administration of employee benefits including health, dental, life insurance, wellness, employee assistance program, flexible spending programs, 401k and 457 deferred compensation programs and others.


Administer a fully self-funded, closed retirement plan and coordinate services with the Public Employees Retirement Systems (PERS) for permanent employees.

Worker's Compensation

Administration of a self-funded Worker's Compensation program. Injuries are mitigated by properly identifying and reducing risk exposure through a variety of initiatives including prevention programs.

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