Anti-Graffiti Program

GraffitiGraffiti is a blighting influence on our entire City. The cost of removing unwanted and unauthorized vandalism results in a significant outlay of public funds. The City of Concord operates the Anti-Graffiti Program to assist property owners in discouraging and removing graffiti vandalism on private property. The City cannot be effective acting alone. Private citizens are encouraged to take active steps toward maintaining their individual property, and organizing neighborhood cleanup efforts. If you see graffiti within the Concord city limits, please call the Graffiti Hotline at (925) 671-3080

The City is actively involved in:

  • Educational Programs
    • Working with Concord Police and local schools to educate children about their community.
    • Joining together with students in the fight against graffiti.
  • Enforcement of
    • City of Concord Ordinance 94-6.
    • Penal Code Sec. 594 - Vandalism.
  • Removal of Graffiti
    • Performed by Public Works Department's Graffiti Eradication Crew.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Anti-Graffiti Program?
    It is a program designed to discourage and remove graffiti within the City of Concord.
  • Who participates in this program?
    The City of Concord works with the community's assistance.
  • Who is responsible for removing the graffiti?
    Any person owning, leasing, occupying, or having permission to maintain property in Concord.
  • Why should I remove the graffiti? I did not put the graffiti there.
    Permitting or allowing graffiti to remain on your property is a public nuisance. Graffiti not only makes our residential neighborhoods and our business communities look unattractive, it affects our property values, business sales, and the community's image. Ignoring graffiti gives the mistaken impression that it is acceptable and only invites more. It will take the awareness, support, and participation of all to combat the increasing problem of graffiti.
  • How can I assist in the clean up of the City?
    Call the Concord Graffiti Hotline at 671-3080 to report graffiti within Concord city limits. Always give address/location of the graffiti, business or/and property owner's name, and your name and telephone number so that City personnel can contact you if further information is needed.
  • What happens after graffiti is reported?
    City workers will contact and inform property owners, in person, of our Anti-Graffiti Program by handing out packets containing the City's graffiti brochure, an informational letter, and a Graffiti Waiver form. In order for City workers to perform graffiti removal on private property under this program, it is necessary that the property owner sign the waiver form. If the property owner elects to perform the graffiti removal and has not done so within a reasonable period of time, a letter of notification will be sent to the property owner requesting the graffiti be removed within 10 days.
  • How can I keep Concord graffiti free?
    • Remove graffiti from your property immediately.
    • Plant shrubs or vines in areas that have graffiti problems.
    • Report graffiti offenders to the Concord Police Department at (925) 671-3333. Graffiti vandalism is a misdemeanor offense. If apprehended, violators will be prosecuted.
    • Report graffiti to appropriate agencies.
  • Is graffiti a Municipal Code Violation and against the Law?
    • Yes.
    • City of Concord Ordinance 94-6 prohibits any graffiti from remaining on any building, wall, fence, or structure.
    • Graffiti vandalism is a criminal offense punishable by fines and imprisonment for any person committing the act of graffiti by defacing private property.
    • Penal Code Sec. 594.1.(1) It shall be unlawful for any person, firm, or corporation, except a parent or legal guardian, to sell or give or in any way furnish to another person, who is in fact under the age of 18 years, any aerosol container of paint that is capable of defacing property.
    • Penal Code Sec. 594.1.(b) It shall be unlawful for any person under the age of 18 years to purchase an aerosol container of paint that is capable of defacing property.
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