Neighborhood Partnership

NeighorhoodThe Neighborhood Partnership Program recognizes there is strength in numbers and so promotes the growth and development of neighborhood associations. With the assistance of these associations, the City can deliver services more efficiently. The Neighborhood Partnership Program aids groups of interested citizens to form self-sustaining neighborhood associations. The association works with City staff to assess the needs and assets of their neighborhood, and develop and implement action plans to address those concerns. One of the main goals of the Partnership Program is to teach and promote Community building in partnership with the City. The associations conduct community-building activities in their neighborhood to improve civic awareness and community identity, and to take positive action to improve and protect existing housing stock.

How can this program work for you?

Well, if your neighborhood already has a functioning association, Partnership can improve your access to City services and provide education, technical assistance, and association-building tools. If your neighborhood does not have an association, the Neighborhood Partnership Program can help you get one organized.

If you are interested in Neighborhood Partnership we want to hear from you! Please call the Code Enforcement Unit at (925) 671-3075.

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