Code Enforcement Unit

The City of Concord Code Enforcement Unit is a division of the Concord Police Department. The Unit is responsible for quality of life matters having to do with blight, property safety, public nuisances and property maintenance.

What is the "Code"

There are numerous ordinances (or laws) in Concord that pertain to property maintenance. Most of these have been enacted to protect and preserve the basic character and quality of life in residential neighborhoods. They are typically designed to control accumulations of junk, trash, refuse, and vehicles, which are abandoned, unregistered or in disrepair.
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Common Code Violations:

  • Bed Bugs
  • Business signage
  • Blighted, unmaintained, or unsafe properties, including pools and fencing
  • Disruptive and illegal businesses
  • Garbage service and debris accumulation
  • Hazardous and overgrown vegetation
  • Land use violations
  • RV storage
  • Recycling
  • Utilities
  • Vacant and unsecured properties
  • Visible storage of junk and debris
  • Vehicle storage on private property

Issues that are NOT code violations:

How do I make a Code Enforcement complaint?

The Code Enforcement Unit may be contacted at or via telephone at (925) 671-3075. The complaint must include a specific address in order to be processed. Once a complaint is received, a Code Enforcement officer will inspect the property within a few business days and work with the owner to correct the problem. Due process requirements for code enforcement cases necessitate a notification and compliance period for the property owner. Generally, code enforcement cases require at least 20 days for resolution.

I received a violation notice. What Do I do now?

Code Enforcement staff always seek to first gain voluntary compliance with Code requirements. If you receive a violation notice, contact the assigned Code Enforcement Officer to make certain you are clear on the nature of the violation and what steps are necessary for correction. In most circumstances, you will have 10 days to correct the problem. If the issue remains unresolved after 10 days, a Code Enforcement Officer may issue an Administrative Citation costing up to $500 plus inspection fees.

Code Enforcement Unit Staffing

The Code Enforcement Unit is staffed by four Code Enforcement Officers, a Recycling Theft Prevention Specialist, and a Police Corporal. The unit is supervised by a police sergeant:

Sgt Russ Norris

City of Concord CA