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About the Project

Design Day

VolunteersIt began with a Design Day to solicit input from community members, children of all abilities, and their families and caregivers. Everyone was asked to dream big about what they would like in an ideal playground.

Volunteer Labor

1500 Volunteers built the 16,000 square foot dream playground in 8 days.  It is located in Concord’s Hillcrest Park.

Playground Features and Accessible Elements

The playground incorporated many accessible elements allowing children with disabilities to play alongside able-bodied children.  Accessible elements and fun features include:

  • Entire playground surface is wheelchair friendlyWheelchair ramps allowing children in wheelchairs or walkers to be positioned on upper levels of the structure where they can "play on the colossal Rocking Boat and platform tree houses
  • Visually impaired children have access to a sensory garden and tactile Alpine slide with three types of surfaces for children to feel
  • High back swings
  • Clear see through tunnel for autistic children who have difficulty transitioning from light to dark places.
  • Low and high overhead ladders and sets of rings allow wheel chair access
  • Large scale xylophone style instrument
  • Water misters
  • Aluminum slide was installed for children with cochlear implants.  Static derived from plastic slides fry the surgically implanted cochlear devices.  Slide surfaces stay cool even when temperatures exceed 90 degrees.
  • Separated Tot Lot includes equipment suitable for the youngest children
  • Entire playground surface is wheelchair friendly

Park Funding

  • The City donated 232,000 in park funds.
  • Lions Club members raised an additional $500,000 and solicited in-kind donations and volunteers.  

Maintenance & Longevity

Matto's Dream PlaygroundThe City of Concord is responsible for the overall maintenance and safety of the playground required by state regulations.  The Lions club has agreed to continue fundraising and providing volunteer support to maintain and enhance the playground in perpetuity.

Materials to Construct the Park

The primary load bearing materials used to construct the platforms, towers, and swing sets is extraordinary.  FiberForce is reinforced, recycled plastic lumber, made of high density plastic combined with fiberglass.  The material looks and acts like high quality wood lumber but requires zero maintenance.  Painting or preserving is not required to prevent rot; the material has a very high structural integrity and is covered with a 50 year limited warranty.

Professional Support

Leather & Associates, a contract company, supported the project by designing a plan, providing the equipment and supervising the park’s installation by community volunteers.  The company has facilitated the successful completion of over 1600 playgrounds over the last 30 years built through community contributions and volunteer labor.

For additional information, please contact Joan Carrico Director of Community and Recreation Services at
(925) 671-3440. 

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