Demolition Permits - Commercial and Residential

The Building Division has several distinct requirements for inspections involving Demolition Permits. All requirements can be met with one inspection if you take the time to carefully read the following:

  1. Demolition Permits cannot be issued until receiving an approval from Bay Area Air Quality Management District for Demolition. Approval document from BAQMD with a J# is required. You may contact BAQMD Permit Services at (415) 749-4990 for their requirements. You may also obtain an informational brochure in the City of Concord's Building Department Permit Center located at 1950 Parkside Drive, Bldg. D, Concord, CA, 94519.
  2. The structure, including foundations, onsite sidewalks and driveways shall be completely removed from the property.
  3. The lot shall be graded level or with a slight crown to provide for water drainage to the public right- of-way. Soil may be imported for that purpose, up to fifty (50) yards without a grading permit.
  4. A sewer cap is required within five (5) feet of the property line with an approved cap. Concrete plugs are not permitted. An inspection is required before the cap is covered. You may identify the location with a small "S" sprayed on the sidewalk or curb for future reference or use.
  5. If a septic tank is on the property, it must be pumped out before the tank is demolished and removed from the property. A receipt from the pumping company is acceptable as evidence of sewage/sludge removal.
  6. Inspection(s) shall be requested one (1) day before the actual inspection date.
  7. An encroachment permit is also required for an inspection of City facilities involved in the demolition. For example: gas and electric caps in the street; street/curb/sidewalk damage; soil and/or debris in the street.
  8. Abandoned wells shall be capped in an approved manner under the direct supervision of Contra Costa County Health Department. A copy of the Health Department Report shall be provided to this department for verification.
City of Concord CA