CPD Divisions

Investigations and Administrative Services

Major Crimes Unit (MCU)

The Major Crimes Unit is supervised by a Sergeant and staffed with five detectives. An administrative secretary provides clerical support. Crimes investigated by MCU include homicide, robbery, felony and misdemeanor assault, weapons violations and missing persons cases. In addition to this work, these detectives also make assessments into natural and/or suspicious death cases working closely with the coroner's office and are also the lead detectives during in-custody death cases and officer-involved fatal incidents.

MCU Contact Information

MCU Staff - General Inquiries: (925) 671-3020
Lieutenant David Hughes (925) 603-5865 david.hughes@cityofconcord.org
Sergeant Stephen Chiabotti (925) 671-5074 Stephen.Chiabotti@cityofconcord.org
Secretary Candice Crenshaw (925) 603-5883 candice.crenshaw@cityofconcord.org
Detective Adam Hart (925) 671-3040 adam.hart@cityofconcord.org
Detective James Nakayama (925) 671-3478 james.nakayama@cityofconcord.org
Detective Greg Pardella (925) 603-5922 greg.pardella@cityofconcord.org
Detective Tom Parodi (925) 603-5867 tom.parodi@cityofconcord.org
Detective Greg Mahan (925) 603-5817 gregory.mahan@cityofconcord.org

* Domestic Violence advocate (Van Der Laan), Sexual Assault Advocate (Vasquez) and Victim's Advocate (Abril).

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