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A Career with the Concord PD

Jobs with the Concord PD can be both exciting and rewarding while presenting you with many opportunities to interact with and bring about change in your local community.


Excellent benefit packages exist for individuals who become employed with the Concord Police Department. Check the City of Concord Human Resources page for more details.

Many personal and professional benefits exist for all employees at the police department. The Concord Police emphasis on the community, community services and family atmosphere contribute to a self-enriching work environment for all employees.

Types of Jobs Available

There are many different classifications of jobs at the Concord PD, including both sworn and non-sworn positions. For more information on job descriptions or pay, check the Human Resources section.

Patrol Officers and Community-Based Policing

In Concord, a large part of an officer's role is to facilitate the resolution of problems by bringing together appropriate resources, especially other members of the community, to solve recurring problems through the Community-Based Policing program.

Police Officers may be armed and may be assigned to work in uniform or plain clothes. Flexible shift schedules include 4-10 and 3-12 options, and may be changed periodically as job assignments may be rotated among patrol, traffic, criminal and juvenile investigation, radio dispatching, and administrative services.

Specialty assignments are also available and may add up to 5% additional pay. These assignments include Bicycle Patrol; Crime Scene Investigation; Detective (Narcotics, Juvenile, Property, and Persons); Downtown Beat/Foot Patrol; Gang Unit; K-9 Unit (FLSA pay only); School Resource Officer; Traffic. Corporals, Field Training Officers/Police Training Officers and members of the SWAT Team also receive additional pay.

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