Parking, Traffic, and Vehicle Abatement

The Mission Statement of the Traffic, Parking and Vehicle abatement unit of the Concord Police Department is to achieve the following:

  1. Provide citizens with ample parking spaces in and around Concord 's commercial downtown district, as well as areas determined to need a frequent turnaround of available parking spaces by enforcing the timed parking zones.
  2. Encourage citizen compliance of applicable California Vehicle Code laws by citing vehicles in violation.
  3. Deter crime by providing extra police presence in the local business areas.

Towed Vehicles

All vehicles towed by the Concord Police Department are handled by this unit. Vehicles can be released pursuant to the authority of its storage.

Parking Tips

Below are some helpful tips that can help make your visit downtown more pleasurable.

  • Use the parking garages whenever possible.
  • Do not park back-end first in the parking garages. This is a violation of the local municipal code. The municipal code is located online.
  • When parking in a time zone space, check the posted signs to see how much time you have before you need to move your vehicle.
  • If you have a disabled placard, make sure the placard is displayed in a readily visible location. This eliminates an unnecessary trip to the police department.
  • Park only designated spaces. Curbs painted red are there for a reason, safety! Parking in a red curb zone, no matter how quickly you plan to get out of it, can cause accidents.
  • You can be given more than one citation if you stay in one time zone spot longer than the allotted time. Example- if you stay over three hours in a one-hour zone, you can get as many as three time zone tickets.

Appeal a Parking Ticket

If you feel you were given a parking ticket in error please follow the directions below to contest your ticket:

1. Send your ticket, along with a letter of explanation stating why you are contesting the ticket.

2. Mail the ticket and the letter in the envelope provided.

3. You will receive a letter of disposition in the mail indicating whether or not the ticket has been dismissed or upheld.

4. If you still wish to contest the ticket after receiving your letter of disposition, follow the instructions on the disposition letter.

How to Pay a Parking Ticket

Tickets issued by the City of Concord can be paid by mail or online. To pay online, go to and follow the directions on the Web site.

To pay by mail, follow the instructions listed on the parking ticket.

Please note: if you lose your parking ticket, you can either look it up or pay online by visiting the Web site listed above.

Traffic Complaints

Any traffic complaint that involves a life-threatening situation such as a road rage incident can be made by calling 911.

Other traffic complaints may include but are not limited to speeders in your neighborhood and parking violation complaints. These types of complaints can be reported by using one of the following options:

Via email:

  • Email the police department at
  • In your email please use the following format:
    • Subject field -- list the type of complaint (abandoned, junk, nuisance, etc)
    • In the narrative -- please list the description and license plate of the vehicle, date or time-period of the complaint, synopsis of the problem, and your contact information (name/address/phone optional)
  • The Community Service Officer in charge of the Traffic, Parking and Vehicle Abatement unit will handle all emails.

In person:

  • Visit any Field office or the Parking Services Desk at Police Headquarters.
    To guarantee the fastest receipt of your complaint, please use email.

Parking Fees

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