Dedication to Employee Wellness

Employee Wellness ProgramBe Well, City of Concord Employee Wellness Program Logo

We encourage our employees’ health and well-being by providing empowering health information, engaging wellness, wellness incentives and all-inclusive health opportunities.

Physical well-being

We offer our employees a variety of resources to promote physical and mental health at no-cost with our Employee Wellness Program, Be Well. The “Be Well” program encourages employees to maintain or improve their mental and physical wellbeing by participating in regular preventive health screenings, health education, nutrition education, fitness activities, and safety awareness programs. Be Well includes, a membership to Rally, a digital health and fitness tracker, yoga classes, strength and fitness classes, annual health expos, blood pressure screenings, awards and much more!Physical Well Being Icon

Rally, John Muir Health’s Health Tracker allows you to compete in Missions and Challenges! You will also receive personalized recommendations for well-being activities, including sleeping better, reducing stress, fitness and much more.

Also, All CalPERS health plans offer a diabetes prevention program (DPP) at no cost to eligible members. This is designed to slow and prevent type 2 diabetes among CalPERS members who have prediabetes.

Employee Assistance Program

We offer a variety of mental health resources to our employees. Mental-Well Being Icon

Mental Well-being

Our employees have access to an Employee Assistance Program (EAP). This program included confidential counseling, child & elder care assistance, work-life solutions, legal support, financial information, pre-retirement planning, legal services and more.

The digital health tracker, Rally, which employees have access to at no-cost also offers resources for mental health, stress, anxiety, sleeping better and much more.