Drought Management

California is again experiencing a drought, and water agencies are calling on all water users to cut back.  

In response, Concord has employed several drought-management strategies intended to conserve water while also keeping our parks and landscaping healthy and attractive. 

Recycled Water: The City uses a recycled water fill station for equipment utilizing water. Street sweepers, sewer cleaners, and tree watering trucks are filled with recycled water at the beginning of work shifts and when feasible throughout the day. Additionally, several medians are irrigated with recycled water. 

Increased Monitoring: Residents can report water issues such as broken or missing sprinkler heads at parks, medians and other City facilities using the Concord Connect app. Just click on “Water Leak or Waste.” Or, call 925-671-3444. 

Spray Park: The Meadow Homes Spray Park continues to operate at reduced hours and for fewer weeks 

Landscape Water Use Reports: Staff developed water budgets with Contra Costa Water District (CCWD) for City medians, streetscapes and parks using domestic potable water sources. Water budgets provide the best methodology for identifying and maximizing landscape irrigation efficiency. They are created using site-specific characteristics and real-time weather conditions, and they assist the City in ensuring the most efficient use of water in parks and medians. 

Priority Areas: Staff has identified active and passive turf areas at City parks. Irrigation in passive areas such as turf bordering athletic fields, playgrounds and buildings, and strips of turf grass in planting areas between sidewalk and curb, will be significantly reduced or turned off completely. Active areas which mostly consist of athletic fields but also include areas based on safety, use, and plant replacement cost, will be given priority watering schedules. Staff will monitor water usage and make adjustments to stay at or below the 15% reduction target. 

Best Management Practices: Staff is using best management practices such as the addition of mulch to medians and shrub areas to preserve soil moisture, and water leaks in the City’s public spaces are being identified and repaired as quickly as possible. 

Watering Times: All parks and medians are regularly scheduled to water overnight to prevent water waste from evaporation and encourage proper plant health. Exceptions include irrigation checks, infield watering for sports fields, supplemental watering and valve errors.  

City staff will continue to monitor the state and local requirements for reducing consumption to ensure that Concord is doing its part to conserve water. 

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