Single-Use Utensils & Condiments

In order to comply with California's AB 1276, the City of Concord is adopting an ordinance requiring retail food operations to only offer disposable foodware accessories upon customer request. This expands the scope of the single-use plastic straws law to include single-use foodware accessories such as utensils and condiments.

To reduce waste from single-use items, AB 1276 requires the retail food industry to:

  • Only provide single-use accessories to consumers upon request
  • Only provide single-use accessories required to eat the ready-to-eat food
  • NOT bundle single-use accessories or condiments so a consumer has to take more items than desired

Restaurants may still use:

  • Dispensers of unwrapped single-use foodware accessories that are self-serve
  • Standard condiments that are self-serve
  • Bulk dispensed condiments