Homeless Strategic Plan Working Group


The Homeless Strategic Plan Working Group is a Council appointed special-purpose Working Group to advise staff, the consultant team, and the Council on the development of the Homeless Strategic Plan. The Homeless Strategic Plan (Plan) is intended to guide future City efforts and investments related to responding to the impacts from and the needs of Concord's unsheltered population, using data and fact-based information. 

In very broad strokes, the Homeless Strategic Plan will be developed under Council's direction and will incorporate:

  • Strong community engagement/involvement including residents, businesses, individuals with lived experience, service providers, faith-based groups, etc. 
  • A Working Group, appointed by the Council, to work directly with staff and the consulting team to guide the development of the plan.
  • A comprehensive background report which, at minimum, describes:
    • Current system and community services, where the services reside, and associated strategies, challenges, and costs
    • Unmet needs, system gaps, and system performance
    • Overview of federal, state, and regional/county data, roles, funding and strategies
  • The development of a vision, goals, and objectives with measurable performance targets.
  • Development of an implementation plan for the defined objectives, including prioritized recommendations for investment of the money Council has set aside to invest in responding to the impacts from and needs of Concord's unsheltered population.

The Working Group is comprised of up to eleven (11) members: two (2) Concord City Councilmembers, one (1) representative with lived experience of being homeless, one (1) representative from a nonprofit homeless services provider, one (1) substance abuse professional, one (1) mental health professional, one (1) Concord resident and property owner, one (1) representative that is either from Concord's business community or an owner of commercial property in Concord, one (1) representative that is a veteran homeless services provider, one (1) representative that is from, or has experience working with, the LGBTQI+ community, and one (1) representative that is an active owner or manager of a business based in Concord. For the lived experience, nonprofit homeless services provider, substance abuse professional, mental health professional, and LGBTQI+ positions, preference shall be given to applicants that are either from or based in Concord. 

The Working Group will meet in person once per month, at minimum, for approximately nine to twelve months, and meetings will last from 1-3 hours, depending on the agenda. Meetings will be subject to the Brown Act, noticed in advance, and open to the public with opportunities for public comment. Members are expected to attend all meetings, read all materials, and be prepared to listen and engage on the topics discussed.  


  • 6:00 p.m.
  • Fourth Monday of the Month


Agendas are available prior to the meetings.

View most recent agendas and annotated agendas (minutes).



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Laura M. Nakamura, ChairCouncilmember
Edi E. Birsan, Vice ChairCouncilmember
Brandi MartinezLived Experience Representative
Kelly McKinleyNonprofit Homeless Services Provider
Linda JacobSubstance Abuse Professional
Cora MitchellMental Health Professional
Lance GoreeConcord Resident and Property Owner
Eric RehnBusiness Community Representative
Leonard RamirezVeteran Homeless Services Provider
Dana JohnsonLGBTQI+ Community Representative
David LittyOwner/Manager of a Business Based in Concord Representative

Web Page

Please visit the Homeless Strategic Plan web page for more information and to sign up for email updates.