Property Damage Reports

Contra Costa County officials have asked each city within the county to collect information regarding private and public property damage so that they can submit an estimate to the state and federal entities that could potentially provide recovery funds. As of January 2023, no funding is available. Collecting the information is just a preliminary step that the county is taking at this time.

To report property damage (i.e. flooding, downed trees causing damage, etc.), please email the following details to

  • Name
  • Address of property that sustained damage
  • Address (if different from location that sustained damage)
  • Phone
  • Email Address
  • Residence or Business?
  • Number of Units
  • Renter or Owner?
  • Damage: Destroyed, Major, or Minor? (Note: "Major" refers to more than 40% of the uninsured loss; "Minor" refers to less than 40% of the uninsured loss)
  • Do you have Homeowner's Insurance?
  • Do you have Flood Insurance?
  • Amount of Insurance Received for Home
  • Date the property was last sold
  • Mortgage? (Yes or No)
  • Fair Market Value Dwelling
  • Fair Market Value Land (This includes land, fencing, well, septic systems, pools, etc.)
  • Fair Market Value to Personal Property to Home
  • Estimated Personal Property Loss to Home
  • Amount of Insurance Received for Personal Property
  • Estimated Real Estate Loss to Home (in dollars)
  • Photos: Please include/attach photos of the damaged property to establish loss in your email.
  • Comments: Please provide information on additional impacts.