Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) Projects

Submittal Requirements

The following are submittal requirements for ADU's.


The City of Concord offers FREEstandardized ADU construction plans that are pre-approved to facilitate a faster, lower-cost permit process. Since the plans are already approved, the only plan review that is required is for your site specific site plan. If a complete submittal is made, this review only takes 5 days, and plan review fees are only hourly charges for the site plan review.

Steps for utilizing the Pre-Approved ADU Plans:

  1. View the Pre-Approved ADU Plans and select the option that best suits you
  2. Meet with a Planner to determine where the selected ADU can be located on your site and how to comply with setback and parking requirements
  3. Create your site specific site plan utilizing the Site Plan Template for your selected Plan:
  4. Compile all of the required forms and documents listed in the Submittal Requirements (PDF)
  5. Apply for a Building Permit
  6. Once your permit is issued, review the Pre-Approved ADU Construction Guide, hire a contractor, and build your ADU!


For information on ADU regulations, FAQ's, and other resources visit our ADU Information Page