Treat Blvd. Paving (Phase 1) 

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the status of CPJ 2559 Location Maponcord's Treat Boulevard Pavement Rehabilitation - Phase 1 (PJ 2559)
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For more information on the full depth reclamation process, please visit Full Depth Reclamation (FDR) Process Video


Westbound Direction: 11:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Eastbound Direction: 7:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.


Primary Contractor

Bay Cities Paving & Grading


Rosas Brothers Construction (Concrete Curb, Gutter, Sidewalk, Curb Ramps)

Pavement Recycling Systems (Full Depth Reclamation)

Sierra Traffic Markings (Striping and Signs)

St. Francis Electric (Traffic Signal Conduits)

May 25, 2023

Rosas Brothers Construction (subcontractor to Bay Cities) continued concrete demolition work and concrete formwork placement west of Oak Grove Road with pedestrian detours in place. Some new concrete curb, gutter, and curb ramps have been poured and completed. Bay Cities continued their potholing of existing utilities in the outer lanes in both directions on Treat Blvd, and starting lowering utility cover iron in preparation for paving work taking place next month. St. Francis Electric (subcontractor to Bay Cities), began working on preparatory traffic signal conduit work, potholing, and preparing layouts for new signal conduits to be installed. 

Curb and Gutter Formwork 052223

New Curb Ramp (BethanyTreatNE Corner) 052323

Bay Cities Potholing 2930 Treat Blvd 052423

For the next week (May 29nd through June 2nd), utility potholing work will continue, and concrete removal, formwork, and pouring of concrete curb, gutter, and sidewalk will begin east of Oak Grove Road. Trees selected for demolition will be removed if roots are in conflict or causing issues related to uplifted sidewalk or gutter. St. Francis Electric will also begin connecting their fiber optic conduit from Oak Grove Road into the Treat Blvd intersection’s median. 

MAY 17, 2023

Construction on Treat Boulevard began this Monday, May 15th, as originally planned. The Contractor, Bay Cities Paving & Grading (Bay Cities), began marking and potholing existing utility depths, demolition of existing concrete for curb, gutter, and sidewalk repairs. Some trees will be removed and replaced as part of the sidewalk repair work.

 Photo 1Photo 2

For the next week (May 22nd through May 26th), utility potholing work will continue, along with concrete removal, form placement, and pouring of concrete curb, gutter, and sidewalk. The Contractor will also begin installation of fiber optic conduits and cable. Work is progressing starting in front of Carondelet High school and heading northeast towards Oak Grove Road. Temporary lane closures will remain in effect during the specified lane closure hours in each direction.

May 04, 2023

The Treat Boulevard Pavement Rehabilitation Project (Phase 1) – City Project No. 2559, is expected to begin construction on Monday, May 15, 2023, weather permitting. Phase 1 of the project is between Walnut Creek City Limits (in front of Carondelet High School) to San Miguel Road. Project improvements include pavement rehabilitation, fiber optic conduit and wire installation for the traffic signals, removal and replacement of concrete (curb, gutter, sidewalk, and curb ramps), sidewalk trees, and restriping.

The primary purpose of the project is to rehabilitate the pavement of Treat Blvd which has been long overdue. Thanks to the passage of Measure V, funding now exists to repair this roadway. The rehabilitation method will be a process called full depth reclamation (FDR), where the existing roadway is pulverized (one lane at a time), and the existing asphalt and base soil is mixed with cement and lime, prior to replacement and compaction. This process will greatly increase the strength and useful life of Treat Blvd. Significant delays should be expected throughout construction, as up to two lanes will need to be closed for the FDR process to take place.

Please check this website weekly for updates on schedule:

The first order of work (during the first week of construction) will be potholing at various locations along Treat Blvd to identify potential utility conflicts beneath the pavement, and implementation of traffic control.  

The project is anticipated to be completed by October 2023, weather permitting.