Community Service Desk

The Role of the Community Service Desk

Community Service Desk officers are supervised by a police corporal. Community service officers provide customer service to the community of Concord by:

  • Being a liaison for other units in the police department
  • Completing basic investigations
  • Documenting crimes
  • Providing community oriented police services to everyone who enters police headquarters
  • For senior discount Clipper Cards, please visit the Senior Center located in Baldwin Park.

Community Meeting Room

***Use of the Community Room is currently suspended***

The Concord Police Department encourages the use of our community meeting room to the public for organizations that contribute to the quality of living in the city of Concord through their programs.

It is available Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m, except on holidays. The room capacity is 45. Any questions concerning the conference room can be directed to the Community Service Desk extension at 925-603-5913.

Fingerprinting - Livescan & Inked Services

***Fingerprinting services are currently suspended***

The Concord Police Department offers both Livescan and inked fingerprinting services to the public at the 1350 Galindo Street location. Please call 925-671-3220 to make an appointment.

Fees for the service include:

  • The fee for Livescan is $48, which does not include any required State and/or Federal clearance fees (Department of Justice/$32, FBI/$19, CAI/$15). See the California Attorney General’s website for complete fee schedules.
  • The fee for Ink prints is $30 (Notice: Effective July 1, 2005 the Department of Justice no longer accepts Ink fingerprint cards).
  • Cash, Visa/MasterCard or Business checks from a company or organization requesting the fingerprint clearance will be accepted as payment for this service. No personal checks are accepted.

All Livescan transmittal forms, credential and character applications should be completed before you arrive for your appointment. Please also bring photo identification and present it to the Livescan technician when requested. All fees are subject to change without notice. See the California Attorney General’s website for more information on Livescan agencies.