Merchant Reports

Merchant Reports (Differential Police Response)

If you are a merchant and are actively involved in reducing shoplifting incidents with a loss prevention program, the Concord Police Department invites you to join our Merchant program. This program is supervised by the Community Service Desk (CSD) corporal who provides periodic training and special police reports for merchants in the program.

In summary, a merchant normally stops, detains or arrests a shoplifting violator. The merchant calls the Concord Police Department (CPD) and an officer is sent to the location to handle the shoplifting arrest. Due to high calls for service and priority dispatching, merchants often wait between an hour or more for an officer.

Once enrolled in the merchant program (in certain cases), a merchant can arrest a shoplifter, notify CPD of the arrest, complete the appropriate paperwork and release the shoplifter without the need of waiting for an officer. The paperwork is sent to the CSD corporal who will then forward the paperwork for prosecution or diversion.

Joining the Program

To join the CPD merchant program call the CSD Corporal at 925-603-5913.

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