Records Bureau

Services Offered to the Public

In addition to collecting fees for the Police Department for a variety of programs, the Records Bureau releases records information to the public including police reports and clearance letters.

The Role of the Records Bureau

  • To maintain all police reports and files of the department.
  • To compile, integrate and maintain a central information file of all police incidents, and of activities of persons and places named and/or involved in such incidents as they are reported.
  • To collect most fees charged by the department, such as tow fees for illegally parked vehicles.
  • As needed, the Records Bureau will assist with transcribing case reports by investigating officers of each division. The Records Bureau will carefully review reports showing the results of investigations filed by officers in order to maintain an adequate follow-up system to insure completion of each case.
  • To provide report reproduction services for the department, the public and other authorized persons.
  • The Records Bureau is also responsible for reporting statistics on a monthly basis to the California Department of Justice and the FBI. This information is available by the 15th of each month at the Concord branch of the Contra Costa County Library and also online from the Attorney General of California's web page.

Receiving a Copy of a Police Report or Clearance Letter

To request a copy of a report:

  • Send an email to and include:
    1. Your name.
    2. The report number or Call History Number (the date is needed for Call History Numbers).
    3. A copy of your ID to confirm your identity. 
  • Once you receive a response stating the report(s) is ready for release and you are authorized to receive the report(s), go to to make the payment. 
    1. Select “Police” from the drop down menu under Bill Type. 
    2. Enter the payment amount. Reports and Call Histories are $4.00 each. 
    3. Fill in the remaining fields. 
    4. Submit.

If you submitted an online ePolice Report, go to e-Police Reports and fill in the required fields. You will be able to save or print the report from your computer.


  • A fee of $4 is charged for all police reports.
  • Clearance letters require a fee of $12.
  • Repossession releases require a fee of $15.
  • Alarm permit fee of $21
  • If you were involved in a traffic accident, please allow 5 business days before you contact us to see if the police report is ready.