Your Government

Concord is a General Law city with a City Council/City Manager form of government, and a community-oriented, performance-based management system at the core of decision-making. As its governing body, Concord's City Council is comprised of five elected members, who serve by district, each for four-year terms. City voters also elect a City Treasurer who serves for a four-year term.

Concord is among more than 300 cities in California operating under the Council-Manager form of government. The Council hires the City Manager, who is then responsible for all management functions of the City, including preparation of the budget, delivery of services, hiring of personnel, and implementation of capital projects. The City Council also directly hires the City Attorney who serves as the City's primary legal advisor.

View the City Organizational Chart (PDF).


Municipal elections are consolidated with the general election held every two years in November of the even-numbered years. Council terms overlap, with three Councilmembers elected one year and the other two elected two years later. The Council annually selects one of its members to serve as Mayor and another as Vice Mayor.

For further election information, visit the Municipal elections page, or visit the Fair Political Practices Commission website.