Sidewalk Repair Program

Safe, pedestrian-friendly sidewalks contribute to the livability and aesthetic image of the Concord community. It is in the best interest of all residents of the City that sidewalks are properly maintained and repairs be made when necessary. Concord property owners are responsible for the maintenance and repair of the sidewalk, curb, and gutter fronting and or adjacent to their homes or businesses, as noted in California Streets and Highways Code (Sections 5610-5618) and the City of Concord Municipal Code (Sections 12.25.030-12.25.040).

The City Council has implemented the Sidewalk Repair Program (PDF) to simplify the repair process and reduce the cost of repairing and replacing sidewalks, when compared to the cost of hiring an independent contractor to do the job. Property owners who participate in this program benefit from economy-of-scale pricing, save time by not having to select a licensed contractor or schedule inspections, and enjoy reduced costs because permit fees are waived.

New to the Program: concrete slicingSlicing

Concrete slicing technology completely and cleanly removes trip hazards from sidewalks, eliminating trip and fall incidents on uneven sidewalks.  The raised sidewalk will be cut from edge to edge horizontally giving the offset a ramping effect and completely eliminating the trip hazard (note: slicing is not appropriate for all sidewalk defects).

How the Program Works

  1. The City becomes aware of sidewalk defects through routine inspections or citizen complaints.
  2. The property owner is notified that he or she must make repairs and is given the option of using the City’s Sidewalk Repair Program.
  3. If a property owner chooses to participate in the program, the City calculates the cost of the repair work and the property owner pays the City directly.
  4. The City schedules the repair work with the contractor and manages the project to completion.

Sidewalk Repair Costs

In some cases, property owner’s insurance may cover the cost of repairing the sidewalk, curb or gutter. Property owners should contact their provider to determine if repairs are covered and to confirm the deductible amount, as sidewalk repairs may be less costly than the deductible.

To estimate the cost of repairing or replacing a sidewalk through the Sidewalk Repair Program, please see the brochure (PDF).

Want to participate?

To take advantage of the program call Public Works at (925) 671-3448 or send us an email at: