Wide Loads

Applying for a Wide Load Permit

To apply, you must submit a Wide Load Permit Application through the Online Permit Portal. Certain restrictions apply to each of the following per the California Vehicle Code.

  • Annual - Issued for one year with unlimited trips $90.00 (Must maintain same truck route)
  • Daily - Issued for one trip $16.00 (Subject to change)
  • Daily Permits/Annual Permits are received and issued within 24 hours (subject to change)

How to Submit Applications

Submit all applications 24 hours prior to move via the Online Permit Portal.

Additional Requirements

  • Caltrans permit required unless origin and destination is within City limits.
  • Insurance Requirements:
    • $500,000 Liability (All liability on permittee $250,000 P.L P.D.)
    • $600,000 Combined (Subject to change) 
  • No pilot car is required under 100 feet long and under 10 feet wide. 
  • Permittee is responsible for verifying actual clearances.