Street Sweeping

Concord has an Award-winning street sweeping program. Concord has the cleanest streets around! This guide lists only streets that are considered residential for street sweeping purposes. If your street is not listed, it will be swept on a commercial or major arterial schedule. If your street is in more than one zone, you may call 925-671-3448 for your scheduled day.

Help Us Do a Better Job on Street Sweeping Day

  • Move vehicles off the street.
  • Remove basketball backboards and trash cans.
  • A clean sweep means your street looks good and there's less dirt and debris going down the storm drain.
  • Thank you for your help.

Our Street Sweepers Need Your Help

It is not possible to sweep the streets and gutters if trees or other vegetation is overgrown. All vegetation must be at least:

  • Eight feet above the entire sidewalk for pedestrian safety
  • Twelve feet above the street and gutter to avoid damaging sweeping equipment
  • Trees along bus routes must be at least 16 feet above the street and gutter for safe passage of buses

Why Street Sweeping Is Important

An effective street sweeping program is important because removing debris from gutters and roadsides means less debris goes down storm drains and into a creek, the Delta or San Francisco Bay causing water pollution.

The City's street sweeping program is only part of the solution to water pollution. Residents can help by being aware of how their actions can contribute to or help solve the problem. For instance, over watering can wash pollutants from yards and streets into gutters and storm drains. These pollutants include pesticides, fertilizers, motor oil and yard clippings.

Street, Gutter, Sidewalk Diagram

Residents who rake leaves and yard clippings into the street make it difficult for crews to remove these potential pollutants. The City has added a Green waste-recycling program to the garbage collection service. Green waste can be recycled by leaving it in bags or cans on the curb on garbage day. Please don't rake it into the street. Learn more on our Environment page.