Downtown Concord Specific Plan

Downtown Concord Specific Plan Project

Project Overview

The Downtown Concord Specific Plan is a community planning effort to direct short and long term development and improvements in Downtown Concord. View the boundary of the Downtown Planning Area (PDF).  The Specific Plan provides a vision for how the Downtown will integrate housing, jobs, retail, and transportation linkages including pedestrian, disability access, and vehicular traffic with transit hubs. An Ad Hoc Downtown Steering Committee (PDF) consisting of members from the public and occasional community workshops helped to shape a Downtown Vision. The Specific Plan was adopted June 24, 2014 after an 18-month community outreach and development process. The work toward implementation of the plan was designed with strategies for strengthening existing assets, which are now underway, and intended to attract investment by Downtown owners while the City implements Downtown improvements.

You can read a brief article about the plan on the East Bay Times website.

 The plan is geared towards:

  • Increasing housing supply, including affordable housing, and jobs
  • Increasing land-use intensities, thereby boosting transit ridership
  • Increasing walking, bicycling, carpooling and car sharing by promoting multi-modal connections
  • Locating key services and retail in the planning area