Procedure & Guidelines

Flood Insurance Program

Article II Chapter 34

The Federal National Flood Insurance Act of 1968 allows persons in flood plain areas of a community to purchase flood insurance at reduced rates. In order for such rates to be available within a community, the community must make provision for regulating development and land uses in accordance with applicable Federal requirements. The purpose and intent of this chapter is to identify special hazard areas in the City of Concord which are prone to flooding and to impose requirements on development and uses within such areas in accordance with applicable Federal requirements.

Definitions of Terms

  1. Base Flood
  2. Flood Boundary & Floodway Map
  3. Flood Insurance Rate Map
  4. Flood Insurance Study
  5. Floodplain or Flood prone Areas
  6. Floodproof or Floodproofing
  7. Floodway
  8. Floodway Encroachment Lines
  9. Floodway Fringe
  10. Highest Adjacent Grade
  11. Lowest Floor
  12. Special Flood Hazard Area
  13. Watercourse

Base Flood - a flood which has a 1% chance of being equaled or exceeded in any given year (also called the "100-year flood")