Climate Action Progress

The City has partnered with these programs because they allow residential and commercial property owners a number of choices for providing access to affordable energy efficiency and clean energy building improvements. Once constructed, these improvements also help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the community and achieve the goals outlined in the Citywide Climate Action Plan (PDF).

Following is a summary of past success of the program:

*Metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent impact abated
Year Jobs Created Energy Savings Kilowatt Hour (KWh) Water Savings (Gal) Emissions Reduction (Tons of CO2*)
2014 No data No data No data No data
2015 40 30,031,401 7,453,878 5,562
2016 71 52,648,171 26,461,007 9,751
2017 52 38,717,777 27,626,695 7,171
Total 163 121,397,349 61,541,580 22,484

PACE Financing Video

Learn more about PACE financing: