Business Resources

Obtaining a Business License

Concord requires all entities that conduct business in Concord to obtain a Business License.

Obtaining a Permit

Permit Center provides a single location for both businesses and residential customers in Concord.

Bidding on City Projects

Get information on current City projects, how to submit a bid, bid results and projects currently in design.

City Planning

City Planning is the central point of contact for review and processing of all development applications. It processes over-the-counter and discretionary permits and is responsible for the City's current and future planning needs. Staff in the Planning Division manage development in the best interest of the City.

Free Consultation Services

Consulting services range from business planning to business financing. Contact the Contra Costa Small Business Development Center.

Free Access to Core Employment Services

Entrepreneurs, business owners and managers looking for a one stop location for a variety of business resources can visit the Concord Chamber of Commerce and the Small Business Development Center.

Business Assistance

Economic Development staff can assist in pursuing local and state business assistance programs. The following provides a brief description of the type of programs available:

  • Research and Development Tax Credit: Companies planning to take advantage of the Bay Area's superior research and development resources will be interested to know that California offers generous Research and Development tax credits. The tax credit allows companies to receive a credit of 15 percent for qualifying in-house research expenses and 24 percent for basic research payments to an outside company or university.
  • California Energy Commission Program: The California Energy Commission's Public Interest Energy Research (PIER) Program supports research, development and demonstration projects that will help improve the quality of life in California by bringing environmentally safe, affordable and reliable energy services and products to the marketplace.
  • Industrial Development Bond Program for Equipment and Facilities: For real estate and equipment projects that do not exceed $20 million, the East Bay offers one of California's most successful tax-exempt Industrial Development Bond programs. This program provides low-cost, long-term financing for real estate and equipment projects that retain or create employment in Alameda or Contra Costa counties. The bond proceeds may be used for the financing of new capital projects including: land and building acquisition; construction; renovation; and new machinery and equipment.