Resources for Housing Developers

Your development project may be subject to Inclusionary Housing Requirements. 

Click here  Version OptionsResources for Housing DevelopersHeadlinefor a summary of the City’s inclusionary housing requirements for ownership units, including examples on how to calculate inclusionary in-lieu fees. The Inclusionary Housing Ordinance can be found here Version OptionsResources for Housing DevelopersHeadline

For information on how to get your proposed development approved and entitled, please visit the Planning Division’s webpage.

For information on how to building code requirements, permit processes and required forms, please visit the Building Division’s webpage.

For information on building affordable housing and the requirements, please visit the Affordable Housing Toolkit webpage

  1. state and county loans & Grants
  2. measure x funding
  3. city's affordable housing fund

The California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) administers more than 20 programs that award loans and grants for the construction, acquisition, rehabilitation and preservation of affordable rental and ownership housing.

Contra Costa County's Department of Conservation and Development facilitates the development of affordable housing by making available a number of different financing options, including local Measure X funds. Typically, awards are made once per year as part of the annual cycle of Local/Federal/State funding awards.