Sister City

Kitakami, Japan

Concord's Sister City Kitakami, Japan

In 1974, Kitakami, Japan became Concord's Sister City. Kitakami is located in the upper northeast area of Japan in the Iwate Prefecture. Kitakami offers many tourist attractions such as:

  • Cherry Blossoms in Tenshochi Park
  • Geto Hot Spring, Famous for Its Seclusion
  • Japan Kids' Festival
  • Michinoku Folklore Village
  • Michinoku Geino Festival
  • Museum of Japanese Modean Poetry, the Only Center of Its Kind for Poetry in Japan
  • Oni Museum

Kitakami also has an active economy based on industrial parks and agriculture. A population of 91,000 as of the year 2000 means Kitakami is very similar in population size to the City of Concord.


The Concord Ambassadors is the local non-profit organization that sponsors the Sister City program. Ambassadors from each city visit through an exchange program of students and adults. For more information on our Sister City, visit the Kitakami, Japan website.