Bid Opportunities

Attention Public Works Contractors

Please see the following for important law changes:

  • 2017 Contractor Registration Fee Increased, Small Project Exemption Effective July 1, 2017 (PDF)
  • California State Law Impacting Public Works Contractors (SB854) (PDF)

Bid Process & Vendor Registration

Bids processed through the Purchasing Division will be posted on this page. It is the responsibility of all potential bidders to check this website for upcoming bids, addendum, updates, etc. Vendors may also register with the City and receive bid notices via email for their selected categories. The City is not responsible for notices not sent to registered vendors for any reason including with missing or incorrect information.

Whether you are a current vendor or not, in order to view bids, participate in the bidding process, and/or receive email notifications to bid, you must be registered with us by completing our free online vendor registration (PDF). Note: The registration process will take you to our third party administrator (Public Purchase) who administers our online registration/bid information. Please read the instructions carefully and follow all of the steps. 

For other bid opportunities not found on this web page, go to Capital Improvement Program Projects Bids website.

Bid Documents & Information

You may view current and all bid opportunities at any time by using the login information provided from the registration process. Hard copies may also be requested at the Purchasing Division, Finance Department. Email the Purchasing Division for an appointment or contact the person specified in the bid document. The Finance Office's main phone number is 925-671-3178, office hours are 9 a.m. to noon and 1 to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday, excluding City holidays.

Please note that the City of Concord does not use any bidding service nor is responsible for notifying potential bidders of upcoming bids even if you have completed the online vendor registration. Depending on the project amount or circumstance, not all bids are processed through the Purchasing Division. It is the potential bidder's responsibility to be informed of any upcoming bids, addendum, revisions, or updates by going to City's Purchasing website noted above or as instructed on the bid document.

Addendum to bid documents, if necessary, will be posted on this page prior to bid opening. Any bidder choosing to download the bid packages from this web page accepts the responsibility to verify that the entire bid package is submitted inclusive of any or all addenda.

Notes for Bidders

  • Posted bid opening information and/or bid results are not the final determination. Contract awarded will be based on the best value concept in accordance to Section 2.642 of the City's Municipal Code under Chapter 2, Article VIII. Once awarded, the bid information will be moved to the Past Bid Results section or removed from the website.
  • Award and approval of the selected Contractor for the Contract Award may be pending City Council approval, required documents, etc.

Closed bids

Closed bids may be viewed with your Public Purchase login.

Bid Opportunities (Status & Results)

Bids will be solicited mostly on this website and to vendors registered with us through Public Purchase based on the categories selected during registration. General status and/or results information will be posted on this website by clicking on the appropriate bid. Information may be limited such as the 'Bid Results' may only list the companies who submitted a bid/proposal or the 'Contract Award' may only list the company selected for award of the contract. If your company submitted a bid and was not on the 'Contract Award' list, then by default, your company was not selected. Bidders not selected may or may not receive a letter or email notification, therefore, this website is a good option to check for this information.

You must be registered online to view/access the following bid documents. Please see the registration instructions (PDF).