Long-Range Planning

Marijuana / CANNABIS Regulations

The City is in the process of updating its regulations for medicinal cannabis and developing regulations for adult-use (recreational) cannabis to comply with State law. For information on the status of this effort, please visit the City's Cannabis Regulations Website.

General Plan & Housing Element

The Planning Division is responsible for regularly updating and implementing the City's General Plan and the Housing Element. The purpose of the Housing Element is to make adequate provisions for the existing and projected housing needs of all economic segments of the community and to determine how the City will meet its fair share of regional housing needs. The California Department of Housing and Community Development found the City's current Housing Element, adopted in 2015, in full compliance with State law.

Downtown Specific Plan

The Downtown Specific Plan, adopted in 2014, establishes a land use plan, infrastructure plan, development regulations, and design guidelines, which govern development in Concord's downtown area. The Downtown Plan envisions our downtown as a bustling, transit-oriented, urban space, serving as both a magnet of activity and regional commuter hub for central Contra Costa County.

Bicycle, Pedestrian, & Safe Routes to Transit Plan

The Bicycle, Pedestrian, & Safe Routes to Transit Plan, adopted in 2016, serves as a blueprint to develop a network that promotes safe alternative modes of transportation and helps position the City for future funding for bicycle and pedestrian projects and roadway improvements benefiting the community. 

Salvio, Grant & Oak Street Corridor Plan

The Downtown Corridors Plan provides design guidance for the Salvio, Grant, and Oak Streets in Concord's Downtown area. These three street segments are among the City's most heavily used pedestrian thoroughfares and serve as a vital connection between Concord's Downtown BART Station, Todos Santos Plaza, the Park and Shop shopping center, and nearby multi-family residential areas in the Monument Corridor.

Concord Naval Weapons Station Community Reuse Project

The reuse of the 5,028 acre Inland Area of the Concord Naval Weapons Station represents a significant opportunity for Concord and for the region. Through an open and transparent planning process with the local and regional community, the City created the Concord Reuse Project Area Plan which will result in a world class transit oriented project. The Local Reuse Authority (LRA) is responsible for overseeing the transfer of the Naval Weapons Station property to the City of Concord.

Climate Action Plan

The Citywide Climate Action Plan ("CAP"), adopted in 2013, provides policy direction to help meet the State's and City's goal of reduced greenhouse gas emissions. The CAP recommends over 40 strategy items to be implemented, primarily by City staff. These strategy items are included in the following categories; energy savings (primarily in building/facility construction and operation), waste reduction, water conservation, and transportation/land use. All share the common goal of saving energy, reducing greenhouse gases, and may result in cost savings. To view information on existing programs to implement the CAP, please visit the "Environment & Sustainability" webpage.