Proposed Development Projects

Project applicants are encouraged to meet with staff and submit plans for pre-application review prior to filing a formal application for a discretionary permit. A meeting with staff from the various divisions before any formal application is made can provide valuable direction and guidance to project proponents that can streamline their future application submittals.

Applicant Process

Once project applicants are ready to move forward with their application, an appointment must be made with a staff planner prior to submittal. The planner and applicant will review the application materials together to ensure that adequate documentation has been provided so that the materials can be routed to the different departments and agencies for review. Applicants should review the pertinent checklists associated with their application before preparing their documentation.


Application forms, submittal checklists, and the current fees and charges schedule (PDF) for such discretionary permits are all available online. Applications which require environmental review under the California Environmental Quality Act are required to post a deposit. To determine which application is required for your proposal, please contact the Planning Division. 


Discretionary permits require longer timelines with approval required either by the Zoning Administrator, Planning Commission and/or City Council. Such permits include:

  • General Plan Amendments
  • Minor and Major Subdivisions
  • Minor Use Permits
  • Rezonings
  • Use Permits
  • Variances


The Planning Division is always working on a wide range of development projects and maintains a Development Project web page. Planning also maintains a listing of CEQA documents under environmental review.