Labor Compliance Requirements

Contractor/Vendor must comply with applicable labor compliance requirements including but not limited to:

  • Electronic Certified Payroll Records to Labor Commissioner
  • Labor Code sections 1771.1(a) and 1725.5
  • Prevailing wage requirements
  • Public Works Contractor Registration Program
  • State Bill 854
  • State Bill 96

Other requirements described in the following are needed as applicable:

  • For prevailing wage requirements, please refer to the applicable statutes and regulations regarding the payment of prevailing wages and General Prevailing Wage Determination(s) including the footnotes. Such information is available on the Department of Industrial Relations' website. Frequently asked questions can also be found online.
  • For Department of Industrial Relations in the State of California requirements, please refer to the general requirements established by the Department of Industrial Relation.
  • For Public Work Projects and additional information about public works requirements including contractor registration, please visit the public works section.

More Information

Please refer to the City of Concord's Labor Compliance Requirements including: