Broadband Master Plan Project

Broadband Overview

Broadband is a term used to describe any high-speed Internet access used that enables wireless and/or wireline connectivity to cell phones, computers, tablets and other devices.

Broadband has become the indispensable utility of the 21st century, driving the prosperity of communities and supporting their long-term goals. Within the City, broadband improves the delivery of government services; from traffic signals to public safety, from library services to permits and inspections, broadband is instrumental in supporting the services provided throughout our community. For businesses, fiber Internet connectivity provides fast, reliable and high-quality data transmission capabilities.

Benefits of Fiber Internet Connectivity

Fiber connectivity provides increased symmetrical speeds, that is more reliable and secure for today's cloud-based business operations and highly productive workforce.

The City of Concord has partnered with Magellan Advisors, an industry-leading broadband planning firm, to assist in the development of a Fiber-Optic Strategic Plan. A primary goal of this study is to gather information from organizations within the community to better understand their unique needs. Over the next few months, the City and Magellan will meet with local businesses and other stakeholders to learn about their needs, current challenges, and ways in which the City can positively impact the delivery of broadband services.