Drought Management Plan

Information for Residents

The City of Concord and its residents receive water from the Contra Costa Water District (CCWD). Following Governor Jerry Brown's Executive Order earlier this year, the CCWD was required to reduce drinkable water use by 28%. The CCWD Board of Directors adopted a 2015 Drought Program, which calls on residential customers to reduce water use by 25% and irrigation customers, such as the City, to reduce water use by 45% from 2013 use. Residents should consult the CCWD website for more information.

City's Responsibility to Meet the Water Reduction Mandate

For many years, the City has employed responsible water management principles and practices. Inefficient fixtures in public buildings are routinely replaced with efficient ones; landscape irrigation controllers are replaced with ones that automatically adjust to real-time weather data; water wasting medians and other landscape areas are reconstructed using plantings which have lower water needs.
The City has adopted a drought management plan that strives to achieve preservation of existing landscapes and assures that sports and athletic fields remain safe and available for team play while meeting the 45% target.

Report Water Leaks On Private Property

Leaks that are occurring on private property, such as at a commercial business or your neighbor's home, should be reported to the Contra Costa Water District. Call 925-688-8044 or Report Online.

Report Water Leaks on City Property

The City of Concord institutes responsible water management principles and practices wherever and whenever possible. Despite the painstaking efforts made by staff to ensure that precious water sources are never wasted, things do happen. Water lines are often compromised by tree roots in search of moisture. Sprinkler heads can be clipped by lawnmowers. And irrigation valves sometimes stick because of debris in the lines.

Irrigation Systems

Many times issues are not identified until an irrigation system is running, and of course responsible irrigation only occurs at night or in the early morning hours when employees aren't working. By reporting water leaks that are occurring in the City's parks and medians, you can assist the City in meeting water conservation targets. Leaks that are occurring in the City's public spaces can be reported two ways:

  1. Call 925-671-3444
  2. Email the City Water Leaks

Reporting Tips

When calling or emailing the City, please provide as much detailed information as possible including the location and type of leak you are observing. Also leave your contact information in the event staff needs to contact you.