Policies & Procedures

Concord Municipal Code Chapter 3.10 Purchasing

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Procurement Process

Depending on the amount thresholds, the method of procurement varies as follows:

  • Direct Payment: No purchase order required
  • No Competitive Bids: Require only one quote
  • Informal Quotes: At least three competitive quotes (RFQ-Request for Quotes/Quotations)
  • Formal Bids: Must be competitively bid including published notice, the formal bid process can take up to 8 weeks or longer depending on a variety of things (RFB-Request for Bids or RFP-Request for Proposals)
  • Awards: All awards are made to the vendor and/or the offer that provides the best value to the City
  • Exceptions: Exceptions to the bid process may be made when the City determines an emergency situation, when the item can only be obtained from one vendor; when the item is required to match an existing item; or when the City Council determines that waiving the bid process is in the best interest of the City

For further details on the City's procurement process, please view the vendors procurement process information (PDF).