Purchase Orders & Contracts

A purchase order (or PO number) is required at the time of order placement. Vendors should not accept an order or perform work for the City without a PO number.

Except for emergencies or other exemptions outlined in the City Ordinance or Applicable Laws, purchases are not authorized unless the City's Purchasing Department has issued a Purchase Order number. Purchases made without a PO number are 'unauthorized', void and not considered an obligation of the City. Invoices without a valid PO number may be returned to the vendor unpaid. The City is not responsible for any unauthorized purchase or any purchase that does not comply with the City's purchasing policies and procedures.

Terms & Conditions

All vendors awarded a contract must comply with terms and conditions set forth in the Purchase Order Terms and Conditions (PDF) and/or the Contract/Agreement. Contract may be in a form of a purchase order, a contract, or both.