Downtown Officers

ObjectivesDowntown Officers Getting Fruit from the Farmers Market

The primary role of the downtown patrol detail is to work with business groups, City government, the Mt. Diablo Unified School District, and other community interests to establish and maintain an environment that promotes safety and security for those who work at and patronize the downtown and other commercial zones.

How the Program Works

Officer(s) are assigned to the central downtown area and other commercial zones and act as the department's primary liaison with the Chamber of Commerce and Todos Santos Business Association. The officer(s) works with these organizations, City representatives, and other community groups and individuals to identify issues that negatively impact the Downtown Business District. Working in partnership, they develop and implement programs and other measures designed to have a long-term resolution to the identified problems.

Program Results

The creation of the position(s) has greatly enhanced the relationship between the business community and the City. In each of the past citizen opinion surveys, the community has identified safety in the downtown area as a concern. The citizens want to feel safe as they enjoy the many opportunities that the downtown district affords them.

Since the inception of the patrol in 1992, complaints of crime and general nuisances have steadily declined. The major concern for merchants now is the availability of parking for their patrons, displacing crime and the fear of crime.