Solar PV Projects

Application Instructions

An applicant for a Residential Rooftop Solar Photovoltaic (PV) permit may apply to the City for streamlined permitting by submitting a complete set of professional drawings or by following the Solar Permitting Checklist and filling out one of the four configuration applications below. For more detailed instructions on the streamlined permitting process see the Solar PV Standardized Permit Submittal Instructions.

required Forms

Applicants must submit the Solar-Photovoltaic Notification Form (PDF), which is used to notify the Contra Costa County Fire Protection District.


To submit your application documents, please email them to the Building Permit Technicians in PDF format 


If you have any questions about the permit application or review process, please call 925-671-3107.


Please refer to the Building Division’s Inspection Services page for information on calling for inspections and requesting specific time frames for the inspections.