Special Inspection

special inspection requirements

Special inspection is required for specific construction per the California Building Code Chapter 17. Typically this requires hiring a Special Inspector to perform these inspections. To help reduce costs for homeowners and contractors our Building Inspectors will perform minor special inspections free of charge, such as post-installed anchorage or non-critical welding. During the permit application process you will be informed if a Special Inspector is required.

To find a Special Inspector that is approved by the City, see the Options for Review and Approval of Special Inspection Companies (PDF)

If your project requires special inspection, complete and submit the Special Inspection and Observation Program form (PDF)

special inspector or agency approval suspension

From time to time Special Inspectors or agencies fail to meet the City's standard of care for special inspections. In those cases, their City approval is revoked. For details on requirements, and revocation and reinstatement processes see the Special Inspector Approval Revocation Procedures (PDF)