Campaign Finance Statements 

All officeholders and candidates with open committees are required to file semi-annual (twice a year) campaign statements reporting on their campaign accounts. Committee campaign statements are filed January 31 and July 31 of each year. 

Officeholders and candidates without committees are required to file once a year (officeholders) or once an election cycle (candidates). 

The City uses an electronic filing and retreval system for storing Campaign Finance Statements. The following link contains campaign filings submitted on or after August 1, 2022. 

Public Access Portal to Campaign Finance Disclosures: The Public Access Portal contains financial information provided by candidates and committees. It provides information on who is contributing money, who is receiveing money, and how it is being spent. Use the Public Access Portal to research campaing contributions and expenditures, campaign finance statements filed by candidates, or examine a committee's filing history.

For Campaign Finance Contribution Reports submitted between July 31, 2019 and July 31, 2022, see below. 

For Campaign Finance Contribution Reports prior to July 31, 2019, please contact the City Clerk.  

Current CouncilMembers and City Treasurer

  1. Dominic Aliano
  2. Edi Birsan
  3. Laura Hoffmeister
  4. Tim McGallian
  5. Carlyn Obringer
  6. City Treasurer Patti Barsotti


  1. Concord Police OFFICERS ASSOCIATION (poa) 
  1. Laura Nakamura
  1. Kenji Yamada (Terminated)
  1. A Better Concord (Terminated)
  1. Judi Herman (Terminated)
  1. Hope Johnson (Terminated) 
  1. Harmesh Kumar (Terminated)
  1. Tristan piper (terminated)
  1. Paul Wood (Terminated)
  1. Yes on Measure V (Terminated)