Department Policy


General Orders

  1. General Order 01-Disaster Control Center Activation Critical Incident Response
  2. General Order 02-Scope of Duty and Authority - Sworn Officers
  3. General Order 04-Press Policy
  4. General Order 05-Overtime Accounting
  5. General Order 08-Holidays
  6. General Order 09-Seat Belt Usage
  7. General Order 10-Summons, Court Appearances, Civil Action Witness Fees, Subpoena Service, and Legal Documents
  8. General Order 11 - Personnel Appearance Standards
  9. General Order 13-Outside Employment
  10. General Order 14-Runaway, Lost, Missing or Abandoned Juveniles
  11. General Order 17-Traffic Management
  12. General Order 18-Police Vehicle Care, Rotation, and Maintenance Policy
  13. General Order 20-Emergency Operation of Vehicles
  14. General Order 24-Employee Home and Emergency Address and Phone Information
  15. General Order 25-Citation Control
  16. General Order 29-Training and Career Development
  17. General Order 31-Fitness Room
  18. General Order 32-Aid to Victims of Violent Crimes
  19. General Order 33-Police Jurisdiction at Naval Weapons Station
  20. General Order 34-Juvenile Manual
  21. General Order 36-Weapons Violations on School Grounds
  22. General Order 37-Missing Person Report Procedures
  23. General Order 38-Uniform Specifications and Polices
  24. General Order 39-Authorized Duty Firearms, Off Duty Firearms, and Accessory Equipment
  25. General Order 40-Discharge of Firearms by Police Officers
  26. General Order 42-Release of Driver Arrested for Intoxication
  27. General Order 45-SWAT and Negotiations Management
  28. General Order 47-Jail Manual
  29. General Order 49-Rap Sheet and Police Department Records Security
  30. General Order 53-Property Manual
  31. General Order 54-K-9 Program
  32. General Order 55-Carriage of Firearms Aboard Commercial Aircraft
  33. General Order 56-Polices upon Appointment of Chief Swanger
  34. General Order 57-Forms Control
  35. General Order 61-Response to Racial, Religious, Ethnic and Sexual Orientation Complaints
  36. General Order 62-Unlawful Discrimination and Harassment
  37. General Order 63-Protective Vests
  38. General Order 64-Concealed Weapons and Permits
  39. General Order 65-Department Provided or Reimbursed Meals
  40. General Order 66-Planning Staff
  41. General Order 67-Participative Management Task Forces
  42. General Order 68-Duty Assignment for Pregnant Officers
  43. General Order 69-Emergency Operations Evacuations
  44. General Order 71-Dissemination of Sex Registrant Information
  45. General Order 74-Departmental Relationships (Non-Fraternization)
  46. General Order 75-Drug Violations on School Grounds
  47. General Order 76-Use of Communications Systems
  48. General Order 77-Bicycle Patrol
  49. General Order 78-Instructor Development Training
  50. General Order 79-Agency Jurisdiction and Mutual Aid
  51. General Order 80-Concord Police Headquarters
  52. General Order 81-Computer Network and Personal Computers
  53. General Order 83-Performance Evaluations
  54. General Order 84-Employee Performance Fitness for Duty
  55. General Order 85-Interagency Agreement California State University, Hayward
  56. General Order 87-Crime Prevention and Community Involvement
  57. General Order 88-Bias Based Policing Profiling - Prohibited
  58. General Order 89-Critical Incident Stress Management Program
  59. General Order 90-Respiratory Protection Devices
  60. General Order 91-Reserve Officer Program
  61. General Order 92-Tactical Medic Unit Program
  62. General Order 93-Social Networking Policy
  63. General Order 94-Confidential Informant Policy
  64. General Order 95 - Body Worn Camera Policy
  65. General Order 96 - Personal Communication Devices
  66. Policy 300 Use of Force
  67. Policy 606 Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) Operations

Departmental Procedures

  1. Procedure 01-Leave Request Reporting of Sickness, or Injury Modified Work
  2. Procedure 02-Electronic Time Cards
  3. Procedure 03-Arrest and Booking Procedures
  4. Procedure 04-Matron Duty
  5. Procedure 05-Bail Procedure
  6. Procedure 06-Rendition Proceeding (Arrests of Fugitives from Other States), Extradition Proceedings and Assignment of Agent
  7. Procedure 07-Fingerprinting Procedures - Registrants Applicants Permits
  8. Procedure 08-Execution of Search and Felony Arrest Warrants
  9. Procedure 10-Warrant Service
  10. Procedure 11-Misdemeanor Arrest Citizens Arrest
  11. Procedure 13-Traffic Enforcement Education Operations
  12. Procedure 21-Stored, Recovered, or Impounded Vehicles
  13. Procedure 22-Traffic Collision Investigation and Reporting
  14. Procedure 23-Bomb Threat and Explosive Device Disposal Procedure
  15. Procedure 25-Communications Procedure
  16. Procedure 28-Assignment and Transfer of Personnel
  17. Procedure 29-Claims Procedures for Lost or Damaged Uniforms, Equipment and Personal Property
  18. Procedure 300 Use of Force
  19. Procedure 31-Professional Standards Employees Rights
  20. Procedure 32-Purchasing Procedure
  21. Procedure 37-Unlawful Assembly
  22. Procedure 39-Hazardous Materials - Response and Management
  23. Procedure 40-A Guide for Contacts with Diplomats, Foreign Diplomatic Staff, Consular Personnel, and Foreign Materials
  24. Procedure 48-Domestic Violence and Restraining Orders
  25. Procedure 56-Employee Equipment Inventory - Department Issued Equipment
  26. Procedure 57-Officer-Involved Fatal Incident County Agency Protocol
  27. Procedure 58-Infection Control
  28. Procedure 60-Emergency Response Cost Recovery Program
  29. Procedure 62-NCIC CJIS Validation Program Procedures
  30. Procedure 63-Citizen and Employee Ride Alongs
  31. Procedure 65-Concord Police Department and California Highway Patrol MOU
  32. Procedure 66-Special Event-Planning Operations
  33. Procedure 67-CAL OSHA Notification
  34. Procedure 69-Saftey Guidelines - Clandestine Labs
  35. Procedure 70-Concord Police Department Recognition and Awards Program
  36. Procedure 71-Mental Health Crisis Intervention Confiscating Deadly Weapons - 5150 8102 WI Cases
  37. Procedure 73-Honor Guard
  38. Procedure 74-Curfew Enforcement
  39. Procedure 75-Fiscal Management of Revenue Received at Police Department
  40. Procedure 76-Line of Duty Death
  41. Procedure 77-Temporary Transfer Program
  42. Procedure 79-Database Recall System Procedures
  43. Procedure 80-Tactical Incident Review
  44. Procedure 81-Fiscal Management and Agency Owned Equipment
  45. Procedure 82-Mass Arrest Procedure
  46. Procedure 83-Procedures for Maintenance and Control of Narcotics for K-9 Training
  47. Procedure 85-Probable Cause to Arrest Procedure
  48. Procedure 87-MPO Coaching and Mentoring
  49. Procedure 88-Controlled Substances - Medical Use
  50. Procedure 91-Public Safety Automatic External Defibrillator Program
  51. Procedure 92-Differential Police Response - Online and Merchant Reporting
  52. Procedure 93-Language Access Services For Limited English Proficient (LEP) Persons
  53. Procedure 95-Investigations Callout Procedure
  54. Procedure 96-Automated License Plate Reader (ALPR) Policy
  55. Procedure 97 - Overdose Prevention and Naloxone Program